Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Woman In The Moon - Fritz Lang

In this, Lang's final silent epic, the legendary filmmaker spins a tale involving a wicked cartel of spies who co-opt an experimental mission to the moon in the hope of plundering the satellite's vast (and highly theoretical) stores of gold.
When the crew, helmed by Willy Fritsch and Gerda Maurus (both of whom had previously starred in Lang's Spies), finally reach their impossible destination, they find themselves stranded in a lunar labyrinth without walls where emotions run amok, and the new goal becomes survival.
A modern Daedalus tale which uncannily foretold Germany's wartime push into rocket-science, Woman in The Moon is as much a warning-sign against human hubris as it is a hopeful depiction of mankind's potential.

Art Deco Swedish poster for
this Fritz Lang Sci-fi classic
. 1929

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