Saturday, February 13, 2010

Vintage Circus Posters

Some of my very favourite vintage prints are old circus and sideshow posters. They are nearly always colourful, exciting, fun, and contain a legion of weird,wonderful & talented characters.

Our collection covers a wide and eclectic variety of these posters - from the regular fare of high-wire & trapeze artists, animal acts, clowns, jugglers, strongmen, and tattooed ladies, to those mysterious beings - the bearded lady, two-headed woman, dancing prawns, and the lion-man.
The posters are a step back into a time of wonder that no longer exists. Although they are very often far from p.c, they give us a taste of the curiosity for the unknown, when science was young and anything was possible. I love them for the sense of mystery, naivety and the marvelous that they conjure up in us even now.

Below, a small selection of our more popular Vintage Circus Posters

Nouveau Cirque. 1889

Wellando's Dressed Dogs & Cats.1913

Mlle Marjutti. The lissom lady.1909

Human or Machine? 1922

The Clever Cats. 1888

Barnes Quality Circus of the World. 1930s

Click on above pics for more details or to purchase prints.

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1 comment:

Bucca said...

Oh these are wonderful! I recently read 'Water for elephants' and this brought back memories of that book!


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