Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ida Lupino

Born today (February 4) in 1914, English-born Hollywood actress of the 1940s, Ida Lupino.

Best known as a femme fatale in films such as They Drive by Night (1940) and Road House (1948), Ida Lupino was born into a British theatrical family and went to Hollywood at the age of 15. Her first contract was with Paramount Pictures, after which she moved on to Warner Brothers, where she and Bogart made their breakthrough film, High Sierra (1941).

Road House (1948)

Thereafter followed a succession of film noirs in which she portrayed 'mad and bad dames.' Considering herself a 'poor man's Bette Davis,' Lupino rose above the glamour of the silver screen to become a respected film director. She founded her own company, Filmmakers, which specialized in low-budget films on socially controversial themes.

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