Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Vintage Cult, Pulp & Exploitation Posters

Here are some favourites from our new Cult & Pulp collection of posters which we recently introduced to our site.
The collection features posters in the B-grade & Cult movie, Film Noir, Hard Boiled, Drug Propaganda, Bad Girl, Sci-fi, Sexploitation, Pulp, Cartoon, and Trash Flick genres.

We have hundreds of classic posters awaiting restoration which will be added to the site in the coming months, so stay tuned for some exciting new additions.

The Mating Urge
1950s Exploitation film poster

Hot Rod Rumble
classic 1957 movie poster

Attack of the 50ft Woman
Cult Sci-fi favourite from 1958

Reefer Madness
1950s cult classic drug propaganda flick

Krazy Kat

Dracula's Daughter
Poster for the 1949 horror movie
starring Gloria Holden as
the blood-thirsty female

The Day the Earth Stood Still
French poster for this 1951
Sci-fi thriller

All the above posters are available as prints in our 'Cult & Pulp' collection on our website. Click on individual pics above to see more details or to purchase.

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