Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Dolly Sisters

Born today (October 25) in 1892, the glamorous Dolly Sisters.

The Great Ziegfeld discovered the Dolly Sisters - identical twins Jenny and Rosie - dancing in the middle rung of the vaudeville circuit and hired them for his 1911 Follies. With their dark olive complexions and diminutive statures, they exuded an elusive exotic allure, but in reality they were anything but.

Born Jancsi and Roszica in Hungary, they had emigrated to New York's Lower East Side and soon morphed their amer-anglecized names. Flo Ziegfeld turned the act into a Broadway sensation and both girls were wined, dined and wooed by a seemingly endless string of millionaires and Stage Door Johnnies.

Jenny, the wilder of the sisters, with an insatiable appetite for diamonds, made two silent films in 1915 and 1918, the latter with her sister. Together, they left for Europe - Jenny for the roulette tables while Rosie returned to Hungary and worked in an orphanage.

They reunited in Paris and became a smash hit all over again by introducing the Charleston at the Casino de Paris. More well heeled admirers would follow. Jenny, dripping in diamonds across Europe, was romanced by no less than the Prince of Wales and King Christian of Denmark. They continued their dalliances across the continent, appearing on equal billing with Maurice Chevalier at the famed Moulin Rouge. more/source

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