Monday, July 20, 2009

Decorating Your Kitchen with Vintage Cooking Prints

Recent enquiries for prints suitable for decorating period and vintage style kitchens has inspired me to create this post with a selection of our vintage baking & cooking posters from around the world.
These images, and other vintage food related posters are available as prints via our website. Click on individual pics below to see more details or to purchase.

A kitchen favourite, the classic 1921
Pates Baroni poster by Leonetto Cappiello

This American International Baking Powder
poster is circa 1885

British Advertising poster for Coombs Eureka
Aerated pastry Flour. c.1900

Queen of the cakes...
An American Frostlene advertising poster

c.1930s Dutch Beschuit Verkade poster

Late 1940s poster for Regal Flan Dessert.


Gingeyginge said...

love vintage print's also along hall way

Darrah said...

Vintage prints are so much fun!

A red lipstick said...

Cute posters!

Rupert Alistair said...

These are really cool visuals and would be superb for kitchen decoration. Go Vintage!


KitchenReno said...

This website is great....I am looking for these types of vintage prints but in "painted form" or "transfered" onto a canvas. Do you do this type of work or does anyone know where I can get one of these posters transfered onto a canvas so it looks "painted". Thanx!

Vintage Venus said...

Hello KitchenReno.
We print onto canvas, but do not do the 'painterly look' you are after. I'm not sure who does this sort of thing, sorry. You would probably just need to Google it.


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