Thursday, July 30, 2009

These Gals are Smokin'

Vintage French Postcard Image

1930s Gitanes Cigarettes Poster

Cachou Lajaunie
by Cappiello. 1920

Job. Fumar el Papel
by Cheret. 1895

Vintage risque postcard image

Cigarettes Araks
by Cappiello. c.1910

Vintage French risque postcard
image - coloured by Vintage Venus

These images and more, are available as prints on Fine Art Paper & Canvas in our 'Vices of Venus' collection via our website. Click on individual pics above to see more details or to purchase.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Theda Bara - The Original Vamp

Born today (July 29) in 1885 ...
Theda Bara - one of the most successful and glamorous stars of the 1910s - is also the most inaccessible and mysterious today. She stood behind only Mary Pickford and Charles Chaplin in popularity, yet today it's nearly impossible to view her work. Of the more than 40 films she made from late 1914 through 1926, only three and a half remain. The facts of her life were so jumbled by studio publicity that even her birth date and place have been obscured. Yet her image remains lodged in the public's mind some 70 years after her retirement, and she is one of the few stars responsible for a word "vamp" being placed both on the dictionary and in everyday use. source/more

Clara Bow - The It Girl

Clara Bow was born today (July 29) in 1905.
Brought up in near poverty in Brooklyn, New York, she was to become the personification of the flaming Roaring Twenties by winning a photo beauty contest which launched a movie career of some 56 feature films. Best known as the uninhibited flapper, she reached the top as the "It Girl" in 1927. source/more

Thelma Todd

Born today (July 29) in 1905, a one-time teacher and beauty queen, Thelma Todd went to Hollywood in the late 1920s and soon became one of the premier comediennes of her day.
By the late 20s and early thirties she was starring alongside some of Hollywood's biggest names including Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy, The Marx Brothers, and Cary Grant. source/more

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Monday, July 20, 2009

Decorating Your Kitchen with Vintage Cooking Prints

Recent enquiries for prints suitable for decorating period and vintage style kitchens has inspired me to create this post with a selection of our vintage baking & cooking posters from around the world.
These images, and other vintage food related posters are available as prints via our website. Click on individual pics below to see more details or to purchase.

A kitchen favourite, the classic 1921
Pates Baroni poster by Leonetto Cappiello

This American International Baking Powder
poster is circa 1885

British Advertising poster for Coombs Eureka
Aerated pastry Flour. c.1900

Queen of the cakes...
An American Frostlene advertising poster

c.1930s Dutch Beschuit Verkade poster

Late 1940s poster for Regal Flan Dessert.

Vanity Fair Photographs at the National Portrait Gallery, Canberra

If you haven't done so already, remember there's only just over a month to go (ends 30th August) to visit the Vanity Fair Photographs Exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery in Canberra.

Although quite heavy on modern subjects, there's a wonderful selection of older images ... 1934 portraits of Bette Davis, Jean Harlow, and Cary Grant, also the classic 1924 photo of a veiled Gloria Swanson, a delectable 1930 portrait of Anna May Wong, and Louise Brooks from 1929
... the stories that accompany these classic images are intriguing too.

For more info see the NPG site here

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Lupe Velez

Born today (July 18) in 1908, stunning (but tragically short-lived) Mexican-born Hollywood actress of the 1930s, Lupe Velez.

Her movie credits include: The Gaucho (1927), Hot Pepper (1933), Strictly Dynamite (1934), Palooka (1934), Laughing Boy (1934), and the Mexican Spitfire series of films of the 1940s.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Come Fly With Me ...Vintage Aviation Posters

Imperial Airways. 1936

Deutsche Lufthansa. c.1936

Qantas Empire Airways. c.1940s/50s

Aviatrix. Art Deco Fashion Print

Air France. 1947

Graf Zeppelin.
Hamburg-Amerika Linie. 1937

LOT Polish Airlines . 1931

These images, and many more vintage transport posters are available as prints via our website. Click on individual pics above to see more details or to purchase.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Barabara Stanwyck

Born today (16 July) in 1907, American actress Barbara Stanwyck had a successful film (& television) career that lasted for 59 years - from 1927 until 1986.

Barbara started off as a chorus girl at the age of 17, but in 1928 moved to Hollywood where she began one of the most lucrative careers filmdom had ever seen. She was an extremely versatile actress who could adapt to any role. When she died in 1990 she had acted in 93 movies and a host of television shows. Source

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Alluring Long Locks

Vintage Beauties with Bewitching Hair...

Hazel Forbes

Veronica Lake

Madge Evans

Gloria Grahame

Maude Fealey

Olive Ann Alcorn

Some of these images are available as prints via our website (others available soon). Click on individual pics above to see more details or to purchase.


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