Sunday, May 3, 2009

French Perfume Maker Francois Coty

The French perfume manufacturer Francois Coty was born
today (May 3) in 1874.

Francois Coty with his wife.

To those who believe the craft of making perfume is the ultimate in abstract art,
Francois Coty is regarded as perfumerys first abstract genius.

Artist, financier, politician, industrialist, philanthropist, lover, and above all--parfumeur--Fran├žois Coty revolutionised the fragrance industry during the first thirty years of the twentieth century. The genius visionary behind such legendary scents as 'Chypre' and 'La Rose Jacqueminot', Fran├žois Coty rose to extraordinary fame and fortune during his lifetime, following his extraordinary 'nose' to exalt women with his innovative luxury products. His great masterstroke in marketing was teaming up with world famous glassmaker Rene Lalique to design his perfume bottles.

Coty L'Or Perfume Bottle
by Rene Lalique. 1916

1940 Coty perfume ad.

"Perfume is a love affair with one's self."

Francois Coty Captured in an exquisitely crafted translucent Baccarat bottle adorned with a gently shimmering gold-leaf label, the liquid gold of a classic Coty fragrance represents the epitome of luxury, style, and sophistication. At the dawn of the twentieth century, a time when perfumes were sold by pharmacists in dark, inelegant medicinal flasks marked with unsightly labels, Francois Coty was developing the first fragrance in what would become the most coveted and glamorous line of cosmetics in the world. He engineered a revolution in the fragrance industry, and in doing so, he became a member of Europe's cultural elite, France's first billionaire, and the 'Emperor of Perfume'.

Coty powder ad. 1927

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