Sunday, May 24, 2009

Cappiello Drink Posters / Prints

Leonetto Cappiello is known as the 'Father of the modern poster' and during his 40 year career created over 1000 advertising designs. His subjects covered a large and varied selection of products from fashion, travel destinations, to cigarettes and house paint, but probably the most enduring and popular posters are those advertising wines and other alcoholic drinks.

Asti Cinzano. 1920

Bitter Campari. 1921

Bellardi Vermouth. 1920s

Porto Pitters

Cognac Monnet.
'..the sun in a glass..'

Florio Cinzano. 1930

Cognac Gautier Freres

These images are available as prints via our website Click on individual pics above to see more details or to purchase.
More Cappiello posters including some of his Absinthe posters can be found on previous posts here and by searching on our website here

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