Sunday, April 26, 2009

Max Ernst

Born today (April 2) in 1891, Max Ernst - probably my favourite artist, and one of the greatest surrealist painters and sculptors.

'The Robing of the Bride'. 1939

'One of the founders of the Dadist group in cologne, Max Ernst began by refusing traditional painting. His imagination was more likely to be stimulated by the patterns on a mahogany panel, the grain of a wooden floor, or by what he saw in a mechanical catalogue.

An Ernst frottage. c.1929.

He became an expert in the exploitation of chance effects, using the techniques of collage and frottage to express the hidden meaning of things, which he always integrated into his very personal mythology. In this way he re-invented painting, yet what interested him was less the plasticity of the image than the way in which it gave birth to new, unknown worlds.

Max Ernst with fourth wife
Dorothea Tanning (-another wonderful artist).

Of all the Surrealist painters, Max Ernst is unquestionably the most lyrical. His work may be defined as that "forest of symbols" which observes man with "familiar regards". Despite the sense of foreboding his works hint at, they have an encompassing power. Through his supremely child-like vision Max Ernst leads us to experience the world as a fable.'
source: 'Ernst' By Pamela Pritzker

'L'Antipape' (detail)
'The Antipope'. 1942

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Oscar said...

For me, too, Max Ernst is the best surrealist paint artist.


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