Saturday, April 11, 2009

Marilyn Monroe - Stunning

One of my favourite Marilyn photos..


A Gothic Gentleman said...

Am a huge fan of Marilyn myself but never seen that pose before, stunning

LiteraryMinded said...

I've always loved Marilyn. Own all her films and about 18 books on her. It's the sensual confidence tinged with vulnerability - the humour tinged with sadness, the indescribable beauty. Thanks for the Twitter add. I like the cut of your jib x

Laurel Papworth said...

Odd, no beauty spot (powdered out) and the mouth make me think of Lana Turner, not Marilyn. An unusual photograph ;)

candyspender said...

wow! I'm a huge Marilyn fan, and have never seen this shot before...gorgeous, isn't she just it! Nobody gets close to her...(except perhaps Scarlet Johansson, sometimes...)


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