Monday, April 20, 2009

Joan Miro

The Hunter (Catalan Landscape). 1923-24

Born today (April 20), in 1893 Spanish painter and surrealist Joan Miro.

'Of the great contemporary masters, Miro stands out for the exuberant poetry, wit, and spontaneity which pervades his work.
From the early Catalan landscapes, influenced by Fauvism and Cubism, he progressed in the early 1920s to the 'dream paintings' - largely abstract works in which he tried, in the Surrealist tradition, to capture the images of the unconscious mind. Then, in the early 1930s, a sense of prophetic anxiety showed itself in a new series of paintings which revealed a savage violence and an inner anguish. This mood did not, however, suppress Miro's desire to experiment in unconventional combinations of materials and to enjoy the startling juxtaposition of unconnected images. From these inventions emerged a new language of signs that has been one of Miro's major contributions to art.

Nocturne. 1935

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