Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Harry Houdini

Photo c.198
Houdini introduced his escape from a giant milk can filled with water in St. Louis in 1908. That same year he took the wildly popular new feat on tour in the United States, England, and Germany.

Harry Houdini (real name Erich Weiss) the great Hungarian-born American magician and escape artist was born today (March 24th) in 1874.

Houdini could escape from any kind of bonds or container, from prison cells to padlocked underwater boxes.
He was a vigorous campaigner against fraudulent mediums, and was also the president of the Society of Amercian Magicians.

Poster. c.1909

Other famous people born today: Keystone Cop actor Fatty Arbuckle (1887), Beat poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti (1919), fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger (1951), actor Steve McQueen (1930), artist & designer William Morris (1834), & naturalist David Suzuki (1936).

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