Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Brigitte Helm

Born today (March 17) in Berlin 1906, the German silent film vamp Brigette Helm.

Although best known these days for playing the robotic Maria in Fritz Lang's classic 1926 film 'Metropolis', Helm was a well-respected and in-demand actress of the German silent film era where she featured in over thirty films until the advent of talking movies in the 1930s.

Turning down many offers from Hollywood because she would not leave her native Berlin, Helm was also originally offered the role of Lola in 'The Blue Angel', which she declined (-eventually played by fellow German Marlene Dietrich).

Brigitte Helm in Fritz Lang's 'Metropolis'. 1926

This image currently under restoration - available soon as fine art print.

Other famous people born today: Pioneer of Cyberpunk Science Fiction William Gibson (1948), Singer Nat King Cole (1965), British Illustrator Kate Greenaway (1846), musician from 1960's psychedelic band 'Jefferson Airplane' Paul Kantner (1941), and Russian ballet dancer Rudolph Nureyev (1938).

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Deep said...

what great photos.really eye catching specially for it's black & white effect


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