Thursday, February 5, 2009

Oz Magazine

Martin Sharp's Dylan cover from
Oz no. 7. October 1967

Oz magazine was founded in Australia in 1963 by Richard Neville and Martin Sharp. When moved it to London in 1967 it became, along with 'International Times', the most important underground magazine of the era.

Contributors over the years included Felix Dennis, Gary Shead, Germaine Greer, Richard Walsh and Robert Hughes. Always the centre of controversy in the straight world for its fierce anti-establishment stance on sexuality,drugs, and free speech/censorship, the whole thing came to a head in 1971 with the Oz obscenity trial.

An excellent re-enactment of the Oz trial ('The Trials of Oz') was broadcast on ABC Australia in 1991, starring Nigel Hawthorne, Simon Callow, and a young Hugh Grant as Richard Neville. The 1971 book version of the same title by Tony Palmer is also worth checking out if you can find it secondhand.

Oz no. 33. February 1971
featuring Norman Lindsay artwork on the cover.

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