Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Andre Breton

Born today (February 19) in 1896. Andre Breton founder of the Surrealist movement, poet, art critic ... genius

'I have never known a man with a greater capacity for love, or a greater power of loving life's greatness. It's impossible to understand his hatred if you don't see that, for him, it was a question of protecting the quality of that love...Breton loved as a heart beats. He was in love with love in a world which believes in prostitution. That was what he was about.'

Marcel Duchamp

more Breton / Surrealism

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SarahA said...

How spooky someone actually was talking to me about this chap the other day and now I come across your 'blog' with this here. I am thinking maybe it is a sign I should go read him.


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