Friday, January 2, 2009

Morning of the Earth

This Australian movie captures the spirit and energy of surfing before commercialism changed it forever. The fluid surfing styles are in harmony with the ocean's natural flow and attempt to complement rather than compete against it. There is no ego, no neanderthal chest-beating over dominating nature's forces - rather, a synchronicity of energies and existence. The attitude of 'destroying the wave' became more symptomatic of hard-edged competitiveness and capitalism which has since set the tone for surfing's profile the world over. This movie sparkles with the dreamy idealism of sunny days gone by. Days of riding the wave of freedom and natural simplicity, in the spirit of the Hawaiian riders many years earlier - long before it became a commodity dominated by brand names and shareholders. ..I'd rather Hang Ten than Hang Seng any day.

Musically, it combines the progressive sounds of the day by Australian luminaries such as Taman Shud (who evolved from the mid-60s surf/garage band The Sunsets).
Flutes, hypnotic rhythmic drumming and gnarly psychedelic guitar pieces accompany the laid back surf images perfectly. Other artists include G Wayne Thomas and Brian Cadd who also capture the back-on-the-farm, rural vibes of freedom.

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