Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Grafton to Rangoon

I was just waking up when the front tyre went. At the same time a horse appeared, the headlights blew and the horizon came through the windshield. I kissed Ertha Kitt and left the road like a jumbo jet diving into a swamp. Some time later I regained a level of consciousness more ugly than the one I just left. I'd seen some strange movies on the insides of my eyelids again and now I was wide awake.

But I couldn't be sure.

Do you realise that Bob Menzies now knows what really happened to Harold Holt?

There are a lot of answers to question. If travel really broadened the mind then why sent astronauts into outer space, when for half the price they could send heads of state into innerspace. It just didn't make sense.......

..........I folded the Shell roadmap into a twelve inch square, reducing the New South Wales coastline to a glance, and then lit up an Arnott's scotch finger biscuit. I placed the shock absorbers onto automatic pilot and took out my attache case containing the night driving brain that helped me see round corners, pink dots, across oceans, and down wombat holes.

When the night comes down your collar and the road starts coming up through your headlights familiar landscape suddenly isn't.

It's dreamtime in the land of legends. Somewhere out there Henry Lawson's taking another swig.

Inside the car I'm making final adjustments to the viewing screen: a Holden windscreen where tonight's travel thriller is being shown at 70mph. Not so much "The Cars That Ate Paris".

or "The Jellyfish That Swallowed Coffs Harbour."

It was going to be a good trip........

James Dibble lights up a scotch finger biscuit...

...Excerpts from Russell Guy's classic surreal road trip down the east coast of Australia - 'What's Rangoon to you is Grafton to me'.

The complete text of this cult classic is available via the Psychedelicatessen site here.

...but for the full Grafton to Rangoon experience, download the original 1978 radio show narrated by James Dibble & Russell Guy, kick back in a dark room with your favourite poison and enjoy the journey...It's a classic!


Anonymous said...

I love that radio play and it's experience on me over the years has been quite profound. Driving thru the Australian bush at night, it takes on a whole new life. You see eyes in every tree. Lukcily the cat's come along for the journey.

Tim White said...

Enjoyed your piece. I'm also doing a piece on 'What's Rangoon...' Do you mind if I post a link to your site on my blog
https://indolentgrasshopper.wordpress.com ?

Vintage Venus said...

Thanks Tim ... yes feel free to link - I'll check out your site too.


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