Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mac Norton - The Human Aquarium

Mac Norton poster 1913

Sideshow regurgitator Claude Louis Delair (1876-1953) was a Frenchman with a strong interest in Scottish history who took his stage name from the bodyguard of Mary Queen of Scots.

From 1900, renamed as Mac Norton and calling himself 'The Human Aquarium', his vaudeville sideshow acts consisted of swallowing large quantities of water, bread, beer, frogs & goldfish.
He performed his routines in circuses and music halls all across Europe and many other countries including the USA, South America & North Africa, keeping his act alive until he was 70 years old.

He sometimes appeared on the same bill as such luminaries as Houdini - who said he had seen many other frog swallowers but 'Norton was the only one I ever saw who presented his act in a dignified manner'

Mac Frog
(A Mac Norton imitator)

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Richard Hannay said...

Wow... interesting act! Good poster too, wonder if anyone sells a reproduction out there

Jean-Paul Delair said...

Le personnage se nommant "Mac Frog" est un imitateur de "Mac-Norton" et ne concerne pas le véritable Mac-Norton.

Signé : Le petit-fils de Mac-Norton

Vintage Venus said...

Um...yes, we sell reproduction prints of these posters!

Vintage Venus said...

Thanks Jean-Paul.
What a wonderful background you have!
I will adjust my blog post accordingly.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jean-Paul,

I would like to get in touch with you to ask you a few questions about your grandfather. I work for a magician and he is very interested in talking to you about Mac Norton's amazing feats. He is exploring a new side to magic that involves something similar to what your grandfather was doing.

Can you please provide any contact information so I could speak to you directly? I would really appreciate it, and thank you for your time!



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