Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Female Snake Charmers & Fakirs

Who could not be fascinated by these exotic enchantresses. The images below of female snake charmers are some of my favourites in the circus / sideshow genre.

Poster for snake charmer 'Voo Doo'. 1913

Snake Charmer.
Vintage postcard

Poster for the 'Hindu' snake charmer Nala Damajanti
performing at the Folies Bergere. c.1890

Snake Charmer.
Vintage French postcard

Poster for snake charmers
Margot & Jenny.1913

'The Only Woman Fakir of the World'

'Koringa', known as 'La Femme Fakir', started out as an assistant to the legendary male fakir 'Blacaman' but eventually became a huge main attraction herself. 'This Hindu child-woman knows no fear, and controls wild beasts.'

Koringa sharing some love
with her reptilian menagerie

Snake Woman. Poster 1889

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